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Elise Hurst is a Melbourne-based illustrator, fine artist and author, specialising in children's books. She works in a vintage alternate reality, creating characters we feel we know and worlds we would like to inhabit.


2023 NEWS
Elise is exhibiting in London
If you find yourself in London from now until December 30, 2023, head across to the wonderful Chris Beetles Gallery for their Illustrators exhibition. This is an annual illustration feast where contemporary and historical artworks sit side by side. This year, 18 of Elise's works from The Storyteller's Handbook take pride of place alongside such greats as Edward Ardizzone, Cicely M Barker, and E H Shepherd, amongst many others. 
A new book!
Second in the MENTOR series with Kobi Yamada, Noticing is all about looking for more - in the world, in others and in ourselves. Filled with details to delight the observant reader, this book takes you by the hand and helps you discover the extraordinary everywhere. 
It is a companion to Trying, a book that talks about how mistakes are a vital part of moving forward. And is a perfect accompaniment to The Storyteller's Handbook a visual feast of a book, full of intricate narrative illustrations to inspire your own storytelling.