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Elise Hurst is a Melbourne-based illustrator, fine artist and author, specialising in children's books. She works in a vintage alternate reality, creating characters we feel we know and worlds we would like to inhabit.   


2021 update from Elise:

Hello! Just when we thought it was over... welcome to 2021. From my creative nest in Melbourne I am working hard on images to make you smile, and I am posting out many lovely orders. We have noticed this last year that the post is glacially slow at times and conditions keep changing. Lockdowns come and go, homeschooling comes and goes, and I am often working into the wee hours to keep up the creative work. We are all doing our best and I thank you for your wonderful patience.

If you are in the UK, you will have noticed that, well, things got weird with Brexit. So, there is the possibility that when you buy something overseas you will be charged VAT when it arrives. I'm afraid this is out of my hands - I'd help you if I could. 

What is good? Stories are good. The world is still magical. And gentle hearts and expansive minds will help us build the world we want. 

 I wish you the very, very best.