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The Storyteller's Handbook


by Elise Hurst  

(Compendium, USA) HARDBACK  


This is a wordless picture book of 52 fantastical images, created by illustrator Elise Hurst, and with a foreword by Neil Gaiman. It is a book full of storytelling ingredients to help your imagination fly, which means that for every person who opens the book, the stories that spring to life will be unique. There are so many intricate details. What will you notice? What happens next? And where will this experience take you? There are no rules, just a beautiful enticement to come and play. 

“Take the pictures you find here, and use them as places to begin your journey into stories. Wonder about them, wander through them. Let them hold your hand and whisper to you… Let them bring you into stories and make magic.” —Neil Gaiman, an excerpt from the book’s foreword.

Reading age: 4+ (ageless)
Details: 128 pages, hardback, lay-flat binding, foil cover details, English language edition.

  • For Kids: Offer an original, inventive way to play
  • For Parents: Bond, connect, and create new worlds with your child
  • For Teachers: Use as story prompts for writing assignments in the classroom
  • For Yourself: Find inspiration for your writing and creative pursuits

" I can’t remember the last time I flipped through a book with as much joy and anticipation as this one. As a teacher and mom, I’m looking forward to the stories I can create for my kids, the stories they will craft themselves, and the possibilities for sparking students’ ideas in my classroom. Each picture is an invitation to worlds I wouldn’t have imagined, but that I will have the pleasure to borrow and build in. Whether you’re a writer looking for inspiration for yourself, or someone who simply enjoys beautiful artwork, you’ll find yourself pleasantly lost in these pages again and again."  

—Karina, Amazon User Review 

 Visit The Storyteller's Handbook website for free activities,
Teacher's Notes, insights and much more.



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