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Imagine A City


by Elise Hurst  

(Doubleday, USA) HARDBACK

"Imagine a train to take you away, Imagine a city and drops of rain, a world without edges, where the wind takes you high, where busses are fish and the fish fly the sky..."

Created in black ink, this picture book is a full of sumptuous detail and a thousand little stories to be discovered by readers of all ages.

"Peopled by animals and humans, by flying fish and soaring buildings, this is a city of the unexpected. This book is full of moments of stories like a cat playing chess, whales migrating through the clouds, people commuting by umbrella and paintings that spill from their frames. It will reward young and old alike with a thousand details to get your imaginations humming." Goodreads 

*If you would like the book signed by Elise and dedicated to someone, please make a note at checkout.*

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